Asset Passport A suite of BlockChain certificates

ASSET PASSPORT – Instant access to the compliance chain for any Asset and its components

As Certificate Mate is an irreversible publishing engine (write once, never erase), the full history of the asset is available and can never be erased. You can see the certification and compliance history, any significant events that impact on the performance and compliance history of an asset and importantly who, when and where tested and certified the asset.

Every party involved in the compliance and certification history of the asset has their own unique identifier – so the audit trail of the Chain of Compliance is available by a simple scan to reveal the provenance and history of the asset.

Statutory Certification

Example for a typical asset – 6 certificates required for audit:

This example is typical for many simple assets that are required to comply under statutory regulations (State, National or International standards).

Imagine all these instantly accessible on any mobile device...